Annual fire statement in Port Stephens


Thorough fire statements

CEASSA can provide audits and preparation of your annual fire safety statements. We have undertaken audits for the submission of your annual fire safety statements for over 10 years, and we have helped clients successfully submit thousands of annual fire safety statements.
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About Our Annual Fire Statement Service

An annual fire safety statement is a document that outlines the inspection results of each essential fire safety measure, such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, fire alarms and more. Each building has a unique fire safety schedule, which states the minimum standard of performance for each fire safety measure.

The Purpose

The purpose of an annual fire statement is to ensure each building is safe and protected well enough to prevent fires from occurring. Buildings must have the necessary safety measures in place to promptly handle any fires that develop, ensuring no one is hurt and as little damage is done as possible.

The Inspection

CEASSA conducts thorough fire safety audits for your annual statement or according to the requirements established in the fire safety schedule. Our team ensures everything is up to code, and your building is well protected.

The Servicing

Should your building require rectification work or has been subjected to a fire safety order, CEASSA can work with you and the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to undertake repairs.
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Why Choose Us

We have 10 years of experience offering annual fire statement audits to our clients, and we know how to spot any potential problems. Our professionals make effective recommendations to help our clients meet the necessary requirements affordably and efficiently. Our team is always friendly, and we offer competitive prices for our annual fire statement service.