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Over 10 Years CEASSA has developed its skills in 8 Key areas that prove to be poinient

Everything from power points to power lines. Our electrical services include installation, maintenance and repairs for residential, commercial and industrial locations.

In the Electrical Services sector within port Stephens CEASSA has specially trained technicians available to take care of each job no matter its size.
Each of CEASSA's vehicles are specially equipped so as a large amount of stock is on hand avoiding unnecessary time charges for attending local wholesalers.

CEASSA prides itself on delivering a service that far exceeds what our customers expect from contractors within their home or businesses and will always strive to improve its services into the future.
Please see below Key categories and select for more information on each.
We look forward to working with you soon.
Electricians — Ceassa Electrical in Salamander Bay, NSW
CEASSA believes No job is too big to small and provides home/office owners the ability to improve their spaces by adding additional lighting, Power points, Data outlets, Ceiling fans, TV points, etc to any area.
CEASSA believes nothing is impossible and will work with you to develop a way in which we can make your home/office exactly the way you want it to be.
Our Friendly technicians will attend you premise on a pre-organised day and time and carry out works required as well as cleanining and testing appropriately before leaving your premise.
List or icons of jobs we carry out like on web site provided.
Outdoor Lights — Ceassa Electrical in Salamander Bay, NSW
Over 10 Years CEASSA has worked closely with local real estate Principles and property managers to develop a set procedure that exceeds all expectations when carrying out work orders supplied to CEASSA.
Our 24hr service with flat rate charge to our regular real estate company's allows any issue to be sorted out any time of the day without significant fees to the landlord.
Our procedures set CEASSA far above our competitions in this industry and we look forward to working with you so as to stream line this process in your business.
If any changes are required to better suit your current processes we are happy to develop so as it is a seamless change over from your current contractor.
CEASSA offers Yearly Smoke alarm subscription services with market leading rates due to our proximity in the area. >>>>Link to Smoke alarm subscription page.
Electrical Switches — Ceassa Electrical in Salamander Bay, NSW
Over 10 years Ceassa has grown and developed with strata managers within the area to critic its service to allow for an effortless quoting process allowing body corporate members at the AGM meetings to clearly see what works are being carried out and for what price.
CEASSA's offers its services at each AGM at an invited time if the body corporate members would like CEASSA to attend and allows for CEASSA's clarity in operation to be viewed first hand and often allows all members to ask any questions to the directors of the business and have the answers straight away.
From Light bulb replacements to RCD inspection and testing CEASSA can carry out any task your building requires.
If you are a body corporate member or strata manager and would like more information on CEASSA's services please do not hesitate to contact us.
Main Fuse — Ceassa Electrical in Salamander Bay, NSW
After operating for 5 Years and having to sub contract the Level 2 part of CEASSA's business CEASSA decided to undergo further training and now boasts experienced staff in not only underground live connections but also overhead Electrical live connection work.

CEASSA can carry out the following Common Level 2 electrical works and much more-
  • New building connections.
  • Point of attachment relocations for demolitions.
  • Barge board timber replacements including fuse holders.
  • Point of attachment fuse holder replacements (from porcilan to insulated)
  • Private pole replacements.
  • Underground Mains Installation/relocation and terminations.
  • Incoming Aerial service replacements.
  • SPD/ MPD Panel fuse installation.
  • Alterations/Additions to metering.

If You or your business have any questions relating to Level 2 electrical works please feel free to contact us for obligation free information.
Level 2 ASP Electrical— Ceassa Electrical in Salamander Bay, NSW
CEASSA's Commercial division has grown exponentially due to local businesses requiring a local 24Hr service that can rely on each and every time they have a problem.
Wether it be Fast food Chains to Hotels and resorts CEASSA has developed its technicians Skills to cater for every fault that may arise and prides itself on having the ability to repair any fault regardless of its size or complexity.
CEASSA understands your business relays on your customers being satisfied and provides itself on being polite and efficient when around paying customers so as your professionalism is only extended by our staff.
If you Would like to see just how CEASSA can benefit your business and its undertakings please feel free to contact our office for an obligation free consultation.
Restaurant and Bar — Ceassa Electrical in Salamander Bay, NSW
From Industrial industries and their equipment to industrial shed's and their initial wiring CEASSA can complete any task that may arise.

Industrial Businesses

  • CEASSA understands that if your equipment fails than you are loosing money not just in wages but also productivity. With years of experience with PLC/ Computer driven machines CEASSA can diagnose any fault and order parts required to have your equipment operating again in the shortest possible time.
  • New equipment is an exciting prospect within any business however often comes with its own set of challenges in making it accomodate within your current facility. CEASSA can alter locations of outlets, lighting etc and install all new required Power and Data for the new equipment if required.
  • If your finding your business has too many Extension leads being run from one side of the business to the other, Contact CEASSA and see just how in expensive it is to install a new single phase or three phase outlet exactly were you would like it.

Industrial Buildings

Industrial Sheds are becoming more and more apparent within the Port Stephens area and CEASSA works closely with builders in developing a set time line for the build and seamless installation of all electrical equipment from Main switchboard to the final lighting and power circuits.
Industrial Electricians — Ceassa Electrical in Salamander Bay, NSW
CEASSA Understands the requirement of some of our customers to always require power and has Generators from single phase to three phase that can always keep your home or business running regardless of the size.
From Connection, testing and operation of the generator on you system and then the removal and placements back onto mains supply CEASSA can carry this out in either a planned outage or emergency situation.
If you have any questions relating to your own Generator connection or hiring CEASSA's units please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
Generator Hire — Ceassa Electrical in Salamander Bay, NSW
With current standards CEASSA understands the requirements for businesses to have their portable equipment tested and tagged regularly.
Ceassa has state of the art testing equipment allowing for QR codes to be placed on each item and streamlining the hole testing and tagging process for your business be it 1 tag to several thousand CEASSA has the experience to carry out the task on time and for a very affordable price.
If you require any further information of testing and tagging within your business please do not hesitate to call.
Testing & Tagging— Ceassa Electrical in Salamander Bay, NSW
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