Smoke alarm subscriptions in Port Stephens


Fire safety all year round

Because we specialise in the fire industry within the Port Stephens area, CEASSA felt that larger firms offering a yearly smoke alarm subscription service could not offer the service required in the event of a fault with smoke alarms within your home/rental property or strata building.

CEASSA was often called upon by large smoke alarm subscription services due to the fact that we are also electricians to attend these properties on behalf of them and repair the smoke alarms.
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About Our Smoke Alarm Subscription

CEASSA has developed a streamlined approach to smoke alarm testing that far exceeds its competitors at a more affordable rate and using only high-quality equipment. Due to only operating within the Port Stephens area, our services can be offered at a more affordable rate and implemented using proven procedures.

Set procedures are followed for each inspection allowing for all current standards to be followed to the letter. Cloud-based reporting allows for quick and efficient recoding of each detector for the life of the unit and also provides a QR code that can be scanned by owners/tenants to see the current test status of the unit and directly report any issues to CEASSA. If you would like any further information regarding yearly smoke alarm subscription services and see just how streamlined the change over process can be, contact CEASSA for more information and an obligation-free consultation.



We provide the necessary equipment for our clients, which often includes smoke alarms, high-quality replacement batteries and more. We tailor our service to meet the needs and preferences of each client.


We plan and install smoke alarm systems to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Our team is familiar with state-based requirements, ensuring proper compliance and safety.


CEASSA promptly and effectively repairs and replaces any faulty components and responds quickly to emergency situations if need be. Our goal is fire prevention, and we do all we can to ensure our clients are alerted quickly in the event there is smoke.
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Why Choose Us

You will always receive honest communication and high-quality service when you trust in CEASSA for your smoke alarm subscription needs. Our main priority is to help clients stay safe and prevent the rapid spread of fire through fast detection by way of a reliable smoke alarm system.