Level 2 electrician in Port Stephens


Your level 2 electricians

After operating for 5 years and having to subcontract the Level 2 part of our business, CEASSA decided to undergo further training and now boasts staff who are experienced not only in underground live connections, but also overhead electrical live connection work.
Electrician Repairing Wirings — Electrical & Fire Safety Services in Salamander Bay, NSW
 — Electrical & Fire Safety Services in Salamander Bay, NSW

An Overview

CEASSA can carry out the following common Level 2 electrical works and much more:
  • New building connections
  • Point of attachment relocations for demolitions
  • Barge board timber replacements including fuse holders
  • Point of attachment fuse holder replacements (from porcelain to insulated)
  • Private pole replacements
  • Underground mains installation/relocation & terminations
  • Incoming aerial service replacements
  • SPD/MPD panel fuse installation
  • Alterations/additions to metering
If you or your business have any questions relating to Level 2 electrical works, please feel free to contact us for obligation-free information.


Our dedicated team carries out complex installations and has the capability and authorisation to work underground and overhead to ensure each job is done right. We offer new building connections, SPD/MPD panel fuse installations and much more.

Repairs & Replacements

We repair and replace any electrical component that is out of service, a potential hazard or is out of date, including point of attachment fuse holder replacements, private pole replacements, etc.


Routine maintenance is a great way to ensure electrical systems do not develop problems in the future. Our team offers annual maintenance inspections and servicing (or more often if necessary) to ensure all electrical systems and equipment work properly and are safe.